Stake Relief Society Temple Day

Newport Beach Temple
Dear Sisters of the Huntington Beach North Stake,

We are delighted to once again to extend a heartfelt invitation to each of you to participate in our Stake Relief Society Temple Day on Thursday, May 8th 2014. This will be a wonderful opportunity for the women of our Stake to unite in love and sisterhood as we partake of the sacred blessings of the temple together, and to come away uplifted, refreshed and strengthened in our covenants. There is an opportunity for EVERY sister to participate, whether she is currently holds a recommend, or is progressing towards that most important goal. Our desire is to include all sisters.  You will have to opportunity to participate in endowment sessions, initiatory work and sealings.  We are reserving seating at the 3:00, 5:00 and 6:30 sessions.  We will be serving dinner on the lawn at the Newport Stake Center at 5:00 pm.

It is our goal to again fill the temple and rejoice together in the blessings that await us there. We testify of the protection, peace, comfort, and strength that come through faithful temple attendance. Please make every effort to join us!

With Love,
Stake Relief Society Presidency


First Presidency Announces New General Women’s Meeting

The First Presidency of the Church announced November 1 that beginning in 2014, a semiannual general women’s meeting will replace the general Relief Society and general Young Women meetings held annually since 1993.

The general women’s meeting will be held the Saturday before each general conference and will be conducted by the general presidencies of the Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary organizations. All women, young women, and girls age eight years old and older will be invited to attend.

“As the women of the Church gather together—sisters, mothers, and daughters—they, their families, and the Church will be strengthened and blessed,” the First Presidency letter states.

Since 1993, general meetings have been held for the Relief Society and the Young Women in September and March, respectively. The meetings have included addresses from a member of the First Presidency and all three members of the respective auxiliary general presidency. From 1984 to 1993, a general meeting was held for all women and young women.


Midnight Madness Craft Night is back!

Huntington Beach North Stake Relief Society
is hosting its
3rd Annual 

Midnight Madness Craft Night

Friday, November 8th
 6:00 p.m. - Midnight 

Who? Women who love to craft! We respectfully ask crafters be at least 16-years-old. 

When? Friday, 11/8 from 6 p.m. to midnight. Most classes begin at 6:00 p.m. and go until midnight.

Where? LDS Heil Meetinghouse, 5402 Heil Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Why? To be creative, socialize, learn a new skill, serve others, make a mess, eat tasty treats, make a bigger mess, bond with other women, and make crafts for your home or as gifts for others!  
Please bring your favorite holiday finger food or dessert and a copy of your recipe to share!

Link to craft order form at bottom of this post.

Money must be turned in by October 20th. Cash is preferred. Checks for your crafts should be made out to Pat Trounce. 

Service Project
A super pillowcase for a super kid!

At this year's Midnight Madness Craft Night, we will be making pillowcases to be donated to Children's Hospital of Nevada at University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

Sara Richins (Cindy Torgerson's daughter) is a Childlife Specialist at this hospital which is always in need of more pillowcases. The pillowcases will go to pediatric and PICU patients between the ages of 3 and 17. These pillowcases brighten an otherwise sterile room and bring comfort and delight to these small patients. The children love it and get take their pillow case home when they leave.

We are asking for monetary donations in your wards, so we can purchase fabric to have cut and ready to sew up at Midnight Madness. 

Each pillowcase costs abut $4 in supplies. Feel free to donate any amount. Our goal is to make 100 pillowcases that night. For this effort, cash is great; checks should be made out to Cindy Torgerson.

Questions? Call Cindy Torgerson at 714.403.2568


Craft projects are shown and described below with prices. Order forms will be available in your wards and online (see bottom of this post).

‘Christ the Savior is Born’ Advent Calendar 

Advent Calendar
A Christ-centered Advent Calendar that is child-friendly. A new picture is added each day with Velcro. On the backs of each square, you can attach a scripture reference with a simple holiday season activity for the day or just add the scripture alone. You can choose from a list of scriptures that include Book of Mormon references or use the alternative list from the Holy Bible for those not of our faith.
Cost: $9 per set (does not include wooden box)
Debbie Schwabl   714.348.7404
Carrie Kimmel   714.650.9765
Closeup of advent calendar with scriptures

1. a brayer (if you have one), 

2. paper cutter (chop type is best) if you have one OR paper scissors, cutting mat, X-Acto knife, and ruler, 
3. boxes or box lids lined with wax paper to transport wet materials home.
Project length: approximately 2 hours with time for drying between steps. You can work on other projects while waiting for pieces to dry.

2 sets each. After October 13, you can call Carrie to see if there are any extra sets available.

Snowmen ornaments

Snowman Ornaments

$1 each

All materials provided at event.

This class will go on all evening.

Each ornament takes 15 minutes to complete. Bring an empty egg crate(s) to place your wet ornaments in as they dry.

Fall candles

Fall Candles, Pumpkins, Christmas Candles, or Snowmen!

$9 for each set of 3.

Supplies provided:
Wood, paper, and all other materials will be  provided.

Suggested supplies:
You may bring your own paper and paint if you want a particular kind. Each set takes 3 sheets of 12x12 scrapbook paper.

IF YOU ARE DOING THE CANDLES, you need to supply 3 empty tuna cans. The candle bowls and candles will NOT be included. They can be purchased at the Dollar Tree.

This class will go on all evening. A set of 3 will take 1½ to 2 hours to complete.

Pat Trounce   714.906.3322
Fall pumpkins
Christmas candles

Money Jars for Kids
Teach your kids how to make decisions about money.

Cost: $11 
Time: 30 minutes to assemble and paint each set

Paint and alphabet sticker sheet
Mary Baker   714.654.4794

Limit: None

Orange Canning Jar Ring Pumpkin
Canning jar lid pumpkins
Cost: $15

Materials to bring:
Hot glue gun and sticks

30 minutes; offered all evening on the hour until 10 p.m.

Pickle Benincosa   714.717.6963

Pinwheel wreath
Pinwheel Wreath

$2 for scrap book paper

Materials to bring:
Glue gun and sticks; scissors (label with your name); ¼ inch scrapbooking paper punch (can be a design); and buttons, pom-poms, or other such decorations for the centers of the pinwheels.

Taught by Young Adult Ward

Questions? Call Pickle Benincosa   714.717.6963

Paper Christmas tree

Paper Christmas Tree


Materials to bring:
Glue gun and sticks, small embellishments for tree if you’d like, and scissors

40 minutes, every hour on the half hour until 9:30 p.m.

Pickle Benincosa  714.717.6963

Large Faux Tile Temple Picture
A picture of the temple divided into 9 smaller rectangles then applied to routered wood, then coated with epoxy resin glaze to create the appearance of tile.
Faux tile image of Salt Lake Temple
This project must be completed at Midnight Madness. The epoxy cannot be divided up to take home. Once it is mixed, it must be used right away!

Salt Lake, Newport Beach, or Los Angeles Temple


One hour

ONE (maximum)

blow dryer, paper cutter (chop type), and timer (if available)


Sherri Wilson   714.376.0083
Lynette Hall   714.299.9568
Marssia Perez   714.330.6322

Small Faux Tile Family Photos

(Instructions similar to Large Faux Tile Temple Picture above)
Small faux tile photos (family or religious)

Cost: $1 each

One hour
Bring: Your own photos. They must be 4x6 in size. 
Limit: SIX (maximum)


Sherri Wilson   714.376.0083
Lynette Hall   714.299.9568
Marssia Perez   714.330.6322

Wrapped Candy Bars
Cost: $2.50 per set of 3

Limit: 5 sets
Bring: Glue gun and sticks
This activity will be open all evening. Come and go as you please. :-) 
Time: 1/2 hour per set of 3
Janet Koller   714.713.2793

Happy Birthday Banner 

In this class, you will be tracing the letters for the banner onto Heat & Bond, ironing them onto fabric, cutting them out and ironing onto the banner pieces. Finally, you will glue on Rick Rack and string them onto ribbon.


paper scissors and fabric scissors

3 kits per person

Time needed to complete:
1 1/2 to 2 hours per banner. Class will be open all night.


Cindy Torgerson   714.403.2568

Reversible Thanksgiving/Christmas Sign

Image is not 100% correct. One long block of wood will be used to create the signs. Messages will be the same.


All materials provided at event. 

2 hours with drying time in between steps.  


Sheila McClure   714.846.0248

Stamp and Veggie Print Tea Towels

Use vegetables to stamp tea towels

$3 each, 3 towel limit

Time: Each towel takes 15 to 20 minutes; this class offered 6 to 9 pm only.

Materials to bring: X-Acto knives and old towels for padding under projects. All other materials will be provided.


Judy Klepfer   714.893.5970

Please make note of any items you need to bring for the craft you choose. Donations of scrapbook paper are appreciated.

Order form
.pdf document (download to use in Adobe Reader. Fill out the form electronically then print)

Word document (download, print, then fill out form)

Money must be turned in by October 20th. Cash is preferred. Checks should be made out to Pat Trounce.


Women's Conference

  March 2nd, 2013 the Huntington Beach North stake celebrated and honored women at a wonderfully uplifting Women's Conference.  

  It was a day of learning with inspiring and uplifting talks and beautiful music.  The conference was a time of joy, fun, laughter and love as we continue to build the bonds of sisterhood with women in our community and church.  

  This was the best conference our stake has ever held!  The fabulous fashion show bridged women together of all different ages, sizes, shapes, and backgrounds.

  "What I loved most about this conference was that at its heart was the idea that every single woman, no matter her circumstances, can establish her own sense of self-worth based on her personal relationship with God, whose daughter she is. At the end of this wonderful, colorful day I think every woman there felt nurtured, pampered, and connected to the other women there." 

Stake Relief Society Presidency

Models: (Ranged in ages from 17 to 80)
Alex Fricke (McFadden)
Denise Alcuraz (Golden West YSA)
Rachel Kirk (Westminster)
Christine Mills (Ocean View)
Tamara McDearmon (Ocean View)
Nikki Greenan (McFadden)
Dynette Johnson (Beach )
Alma Morales (McFadden)
Holly Payne (Beach)
Alma Lola (Bolsa Chica)
Fran Terri (Westminster)
Carolyn Allen (Ocean View)
Violet Saunders (Westminster)
Judy Ashby (Beach)
Jocelyn Smith (Golden West YSA)
Elise Anderson (Golden West YSA)
Serena Gardner (Golden West YSA)
Michelle Johnson (HB)

Clothes were provided for our fashion show by Macy’s at the Westminster Mall– Assistant Manager Gail Bishop

Thank you to Dior Cosmetics for providing and applying the makeup of our models and for the fabulous prizes!

Cupcakes, cakes, and desserts donated by

C.J. Bakery
Bruce's Produce
Photography provided by Jennifer Wolfe Photography